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IP Radio

IP Radio is an Android based mobile terminal powered by Radio over IP technology and operates on a local cellular data network coverage in Singapore as well as overseas. The IP Radio allows PTT real-time seamless communications across a broad spectrum of users and carriers without any boundary restrictions, providing instantaneous communication.

Basic Key Features of the IP Radio

  • Wide coverage and Networking

Its multiple platforms such as 3G, 4Gand WIFI allow switching to any network at ease to extend coverage.

  • One to One Or One to All Call

It has the ability to connect exclusively from one user to another or one user to many users instantly.

Value-Added Features of the IP Radio

  • Image and Video Capability

It allows images and videos to be uploaded and transmitted at ease.

  • Location Tracking

It has the capability to locate, track and monitor users on the move.

  • Priority Call

It enables users to override all calls in case of emergency.

  • Video Live Feed

It has the capability to send "live" feeds to a console and D'call IP Smart Terminals or Android Smartphones with the use of an application.

  • Secured & Encrypted Platform

Our platform is secured with the latest encryptions to prevent unauthorized call interceptions and recordings.

  • One-Stop customized and integrated solution for all business

We provide customers with a one-stop solution to improve communication and business operation with the proprietary Virtual Trunk Service Management System, IP Smart Terminal Console and other equipment.

  • Improve Operation Controller’s Management via the Dispatch Console

Via the dispatch console, the controller can plan and manage specific users’ operations through reports and logs generated. 

  • Client's Apps

It has the ability to incorporate customers’ own multiple apps into the D'call IP Smart Terminals.

Some key features to help you manage your operation and communications more efficiently so that you can enhance your productivity and serve your customers better

Manage One to One / One to All / Priority Call

  • Location playback
  • Timestamping
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Worldwide monitoring
  • Video monitoring
  • GPS location

Allows you to monitor your fleet of vehicles and track deliveries

  • Electronic Fence
  • User Active list
  • Dynamic group Configuration
  • Sending text messages
  • Emergency response

To find out how the IP Radio works and how it can enhance communication in your company, click here or call us at 67486656 to make an appointment now!

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